Brave heart, darling

Living underneath the mango trees

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One of finest Dylan outtakes, this version is the first one recorded, with Daniel Lanois, although it wasn’t in Oh Mercy because they didn’t consider finished. Anyway, excellent song!

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yes it’s from one of the recent gigs, you guys 


John Butler Trio - Only One

Debut single from John Butler Trio’s new album ‘Flesh & Blood’ (coming in early 2014).

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So happy I was asked to work on this project: Herman Dune will attempt to cover Bob Dylan’s SHOT OF LOVE from start to finish on March 10th, at Cîté De La Musique In Paris. There’s really not much to think about except singing the songs with all my heart and soul, feels like you can’t really go wrong with Bob, here’s my “In The Summertime”…

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Yoko Ono—“Nobody Sees Me Like You Do”

Season of Glass (DGC 1981).

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1234 | Feist

Money can’t buy you back
The love that you had then

This song just shuffled on iTunes and everything welled up inside. THE PAST.

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Live from Hartford, CT, 4/19/97.  Nice performance of the Buddy Holly classic.

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Ainda É Cedo - Legião Urbana

Even though I love American and European post-punk I can’t ignore the great gems that were produced in the country I live in, Brazil. Legião Urbana is extremely popular here, but I believe they’re overlooked abroad. After their debut album they abandoned the genre and began developing their own unique style, but this song remains to be one of their most popular tracks. Almost everyone that is my age (18-20) has seen this record at home in their parent’s record collection.